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Shala Sobhani, M.D.

Shala Sobhani, M.D.

Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified

I am a Board certified Psychiatrist in practice since 2002. I graduated from University of Paris V Rene Descartes school of Medicine in Paris,France. I completed my 4 year Residency Program in Psychiatry at the State University of New York. I was elected as the chief resident on my last year and graduated as a adult psychiatrist in 2002. I completed a training in Hypnotherapy at the “Hypnotherapy Academy of America” in Albuquerque, NM in 2017. I was fortunate enough to have a life journey full of exposure to a variety of different cultures. My multi-cultural background combined with my compassion to help people led me to serve many communities of different cultural and spiritual backgrounds. My vision as a psychiatrist focuses on helping patients to discover their own inner strength and power. I believe that a strong connection and understanding of my patients will facilitate their journey to improvement and recovery under my professional guidance. I use different therapeutic methods such as psychopharmacology, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy, and meditation, tailored to each patient’s individual situation. I practice efficiently in 3 different languages (English, French, Farsi).

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