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Michelle To, M.D.

Michelle To, M.D.

Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified

Michelle To, MD specializes in treating mental disorders in adults. She graduated with honors from the  University of Southern California before completing her medical school, residency, and fellowship  training at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. She completed a fellowship in  Psychosomatic Medicine, a sub-specialty focused on the complex interplay between medical and  psychiatric illnesses. She has additional fellowship training in Integrative & Functional Psychiatry under  renowned functional medicine expert Dr. James Greenblatt. At the Greater Los Angeles VA Hospital, she  served as the Deputy Chief of Acute Care Psychiatry and received a faculty award for excellence in  teaching from the UCLA-GLAVA psychiatry residency program. Dr. To now practices telepsychiatry in her  hometown of Los Angeles. Her therapeutic approach emphasizes the importance of authenticity, self compassion, greater cognitive flexibility, and the healing power of simply being witnessed. With each  patient, she gathers a comprehensive history and uses lab testing to create a holistic treatment plan that  recognizes each person’s biochemical individuality. Treatment may include medication, but centers  around addressing the root causes of mental illness such as poor nutrition, metabolic disease,  epigenetics, environmental toxins, relationships, trauma, sleep, stress, and lifestyle. In her free time, she  enjoys restoration gardening with California native plants.

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