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Jake Treskovich, M.D.

Jake Treskovich, M.D.

Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified

After his undergraduate career at the College of William and Mary followed by medical school at Temple University, Dr. Treskovich completed his residency and fellowship training at the University of Virginia. He believes overall well-being evolves from a multidisciplinary approach to psychiatric care, an aspect he learned as a former medical director at a community mental health clinic. In his opinion and practice, collaboration with his patients’ care team including family members, primary care physicians, therapists, etc. is of the utmost importance to provide the best care. During his training as a young physician, Dr. Treskovich was trained and currently remains skilled in various forms of psychotherapy, but he feels that initially it is essential to establish strong rapport and mutual respect prior to commencement of such modalities. In addition to therapy training, he is versed in current psychiatric medication management both in children and adults. Along with collaboration, rapport and proper medication management, Dr. Treskovich strives to foster an environment in which his patients are provided with up-to-date, research-validated treatment strategies with the hope that psychoeducation, support and therapeutic interventions continue to treat beyond the bounds of the office setting.

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