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Leif Eric Skille, M.D.

Leif Eric Skille, M.D.

Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified

Dr. Leif Skille, MD is a board-certified psychiatrist who trained at the UCLA/ San Fernando Valley Psychiatry program. He has 24 years treating a variety of psychiatric disorders with both medication and various other therapeutic modalities. He believes that the foundation of an effective treatment plan requires a thorough evaluation and ongoing reevaluations as one develops a trusting therapeutic alliance. Along these lines he also believes in a holistic treatment approach and has experience treating mood and anxiety disorders such as depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and PTSD with both medication and therapy. He also treats those who have life stressors and relationship or work life change issues in a caring and trusting manner helping the individual to learn more about themselves, improve their relationships, develop healthy coping skills, and make decisions that promote their overall well-being.

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