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Atef Shaikh, M.D.

Atef Shaikh, M.D.

Adult Psychiatrist

Board Certified

Welcome! I'm double board-certified in adult and addiction psychiatry. I provide

treatment for a broad range of conditions including ADHD, anxiety, mood disorders,

stress related to trauma and addictions. These conditions often have overlapping

symptoms, which can make it challenging for patients to relate to a single diagnostic

label. They can also manifest as feeling a lack of purpose, engagement in "non-

productive" time consuming behaviors, difficulties in relationships and negative

feelings about oneself. I specialize in understanding how these experiences

intersect and impact individuals.

My approach is guided from exploring your cultural, religious, and spiritual

background, as well as early experiences, psychological development, medical

history, and genetic risk factors. Your treatment plan may include medications,

therapy, and lifestyle modifications.

I completed my psychiatry residency at the Zucker Hillside Hospital and fellowships

in addiction psychiatry and psychodynamic therapy at NYU. My practice has included

individuals from diverse communities, including those where mental health is not

openly discussed, and individuals from racial, ethnic, religious, or sexual minority


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